Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Network Marketing is about YOU!

Success in Network Marketing - The Magic is YOU!

It's Not About Products or Companies

Destiny. Everyone has a destiny. You have a destiny.

A great thing about destiny, is that we have a significant role in shaping our own destiny. You have a destiny, You have a purpose as to why you are here on this earth. You are no accident, You might have been born out of wedlock, maybe the result of rape, or maybe you were an unwanted child, maybe you were given up for adoption, God has a plan for you and your life. A HUGE plan. A plan that is bigger than you can even think or imagine. What is your passion? If money was not an issue, what would you do?

Do you believe that you can achieve a life of abundance?

Many people don’t believe that they can achieve what lies in their heart. They think that success is for someone else, a better person, a smarter person.

If you are going to achieve the abundance in life you must first believe you can. We face our own continual self-sabotage of stinkin thinkin. Success is a mindset, so if you want to be a success, you must start thinking yourself as successful.

It doesn’t matter what your current resources are, it doesn’t matter what you currently earn, it doesn’t matter what family you come from. Nothing in your current circumstances matters in whether or not you can achieve your destiny, or achieve your success. You need to continually tell yourself “I can do it” and “ I am good enough”.

All the qualities you seek, including the physical manifestation of more money in your life, already lies within you.

Life is from the inside out, and you have been given all the resources you need to make your dreams a reality.

When it comes to money, You are your source, not your job, your investments, your employer, your education, your partner, your luck or your parents. It all lies in you, and you connecting with God, our limitless creator. Understanding that your success is inside of you and not out there some where, is the first gateway to freedom on your path to more money in your life.

Most of us have been taught to pursue success by what we want to do. We want new cars and we want to travel, or buy that new house. Our tendency is to go directly for those things and the money that will provide them.

Our greatest point of leverage to achieve anything and everything we want is not what we have, but who we are. It is who we are, and who we are being in the moment, that creates the tangible results in our lives.

Envision yourself as a person who does deserve happiness, health and wealth.
Network Marketing is personal development with a compensation plan. You have to become the person you were meant to be, to attract the people to you.

“To have more we have to become more” Jim Rohn

Network Marketing is not about the products or about the company. Network marketing is about YOU. You don’t like yourself, you don’t believe in yourself? You don’t believe you deserve success?

Get plugged into the Mentoring For Free system, where you will meet people who will believe in you, till you believe in yourself, and live a life that most people only dream about.

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Chad Warren said...

30 Day Cleanse- sounds like a lot better alternative to anti-depressants and expensive therapy.

Your message reminds me that we are the good side of marketing. I'm not turning people on to junk food or selling themselves short. If I'm grounded in my goals and responsibilities to myself, my family and fellow man, then I won't fall victim to the allure of objects.

I saw on the PBS show NOVA, episode - Poisoned Waters

how environmentalist from the 70's figured something out. You can't get anywhere blaming and demonizing your adversary.

Instead, they target marketed the people of Kings Crossing ( the largest commercial, retail development in the U.S. located in Virginia)

Traffic became intollerable as the car defined how people got around there, exclusively.

So instead of argue with people, environmentalists played tv ads that asked the people if they wanted to go along with their leader's plans to build 36,000 more townhouses?

They showed them the projected increase in commuting and pedestrian accidents (that were already bad there) and the people said NO THANK YOU.

People that had no connection with environmentalism started planting trees and saying that they wanted to protect their city from growth.

Regardless of your opinion, you have to appreciate the fact that marketing will increasingly be used to solve our problems. Nobody has anymore space to complain about things. We want to get things done. Which requires that we stop neglecting our responsibilities to our self first.

It looks like your program does a good job of helping people face themselves.