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This Tool Reveals Valuable Secrets about Network Marketing

Success in 10 Steps Ebook
Written by Michael Dlouhy

Why this ebook (tool) is such a hot tool for building your business.

Example #1: The hard-driving, closing salesperson is about 8% of the population. And those 8% have convinced the other 92% that the 8% are right and the 92% are wrong. How did they do that? Because that is what they DO. It works for them, so they have total confidence that they are right, and when you feel their confidence, you KNOW they must be right, so you do what they tell you.

Ninety-two percent of the world's population is sales-resistant. They do not like to be sold, and they do not want to become that pushy, aggressive salesperson that nobody likes. Yet when they join MLM, some upline leader tells them, "Make a list of your friends and family. Call them up. Get 'em into the business. You need to hear 100 'No's for every 'Yes'.

Guess what? It still only works for the 8%. If you let them mesmerize you, you can wander aimlessly in the "failure" desert for years ... maybe forever.

The Choice Is Yours

You can't become something you hate in order to be successful. This model works for the 8% who are real salespeople. It's a disaster for the rest of us ... a very bad business model.

Example #2: Every person on the planet has to be educated in the skills of what they're doing. Whether you're a doctor, carpenter, plumber, ditchdigger ... whatever you are ... you've got to be taught the skills of that business.

And what Successin10Steps does for people is, it gets them to realize, "It's not your fault! The people teaching you didn't know any better. They weren't bad people. They weren't lying to you intentionally. They just did not know any other way to do the business."

Do you think you can wake up one morning and say, "I'm going to be a doctor!" And you go down and join a company, get a distributor kit for 50 bucks, and you're a doctor?

Of course not. That's ludicrous.

How about a carpenter? No way. You have to learn pitches and square and level and plumb. You have to be taught the skills.

Yet people get in network marketing, and they're told, "Call your friends & family." It's the biggest fallacy in the industry. Network marketing is not a sales business. It's a teaching & mentoring business. When you build people, people will build your business.

Those upline guru leaders will tell you, "Well, you didn't make enough phone calls. You're a loser. If it's to be, it's up to me."

Have you heard all that stuff? I'll bet you've believed it, too, haven't you?

Why This Ebook Is Such a Hot Tool
For Building Your Business

So the ebook really opens people's eyes to the fact that they've been lied to.

You must do your business with people who WANT to be in business with you. You have to sell product to people who LOVE the product and want to buy it. That only comes through target marketing.

We learned early-on about target marketing. Only talk to people who have raised their hand and want what you have.

Well, guess what? EVERY person who downloads "Success In 10 Steps" is trying to figure out why MLM is not working for them.

When you call them up, they could be in a company already. They could be working the business for a year or two or 5, 7, 10 years.

But why would they download that ebook?

They're divulging some critical information. The business is not working for them. They want to figure out what the problem is.

And they're looking to you for help. THAT is the basis of a long-term relationship, and THAT is the effect you can create with "Success In 10 Steps."

See for yourself. Download your copy now:

For instant download of this life-changing ebook Successin10Steps.

Your Business must have 5 Pillars for Success

Your Business must have 5 pillars for Success

Here are several questions to ask before you choose
a Network Markting Company to work with for the next
five or ten or twenty years. Your future and your reputation
are at stake. Getting the answers to these questions will
save you years of failure and frustration.

1. Company Management Experience with Integrity

Read your Policies and Procedures. Look for the words
"termination" and "ongoing". Find out how safe you are,
how your downline is protected, and whether you can ever retire.
Rule of Thumb: The longer the contract, the more
overhead the company has, and the less you earn.

Do a Google search on the company and the owners
of the company you are researching. Add the word
'scam' to your search. Check reliable websites like for warnings.

2. Timing in the Company / Timing in the Industry

Beware of "ground floor opportunities" and start-up
companies. 99% of companies don't last two years.
Most people don't make money in the first two years
while the company is dealing with problems.

Profit comes AFTER two years. Join then.

3. Remarkable Product

Be sure your product is unique - not invisible among others.
Warning: If the product would not sell without a business
opportunity attached, it is ILLEGAL.

If you can't pay online with a credit card, and if you can
only pay by cash or money order, it is ILLEGAL.

4. Compensation Plan That Pays Part-Timers

95% of networkers are part-time. Make sure that people
can make a decent income working a few hours per week.

Beware of companies that advertise how many millionaires
they have created. Make sure it's not at the expense of
those "at the bottom". Everyone should be able to benefit.

Ask the question "How many people must I have in my
business to earn $10,000 per month?" There are companies
out there that require as many as 10,000 and as few as 400.

It's not unusual to see well-established companies that
require 3000 to 7000 people, and still attract new distributors.

If a company stresses "Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!",
you should "Run, Run, Run!"

If you are making only 5% to 8% commissions, you are
being extremely underpaid.

5. System for Success

The company must have a duplicatable system for success.
People are not duplicatable - systems are.
If you have to rely on upline doing presentations,
this is NOT duplicatable. 97% network marketers fail
the first year because they don't have a proven, duplicatable

For a proven duplicatable system that works visit:

A System for Success

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TOP 10 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better than any Job, Career, Business or Investment Opportunity

1. Low-to-No Financial Risk. Start your own business for as little as a few hundred dollars-plus all you need to start and stay profitable...

2. Be Your Own Boss. Working for yourself. Part-time or full-time, when and where you want...

3. Superior Quality Products. Innovative, one-of-a kind, high-demand and high-impact products and services not found in retail stores, spas, clubs or mail order catalogs: Unlimited market potential...

4. Impressive Tax Advantages. Legally putting thousands of dollars a year in your pocket from the home-based business tax-savings...

5. No Restrictions – No set hours. No commuting. No employees. No high overhead. No territorial restrictions. No dress code. No franchise fees or royalties to pay. No limitations on how high you can go!..

6. $100 Billions + International Sales. More than 20 millions independent business people in North America alone, where annual company growth rates of 30% to 15--% are common! An expanding global market...

7. Open to All…regardless of age, sex, race, education, experience, income level, capital investment, family or business background, past success or failure...

8. In –Depth Training/Support that promotes the highest levels of personal and professional grown, business and leadership skills and development...

9. Immediate Income.. The very real opportunity to earn from $500-$2500 a month part-time replacing your full-time income in two years, plus the possibility of 410,000, $20,000 month and more as a full-time career...

10. Freedom. Living the “Lifestyle of a Millionaire” without the burdens, hassles and responsibilities. Your time and your life and yours; more fun, travel, play, meeting new friends, enjoying your family...