Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Six Steps to Guarantee Success in Network Marketing

Follow these 6 Steps, and see yourself become successful in Network Marketing.

1. You must be coachable

You must be able to follow instructions. You must be able to take step by step directions from your mentor or your sponsor, and listen to their instructions on what got them to be successful. Just like a football team, has to be led by coach, and be willing to follow his instructions for them to win their game.

2. You must be part of a team

For you to belong to a team or a mastermind group is vital for your success in network marketing. You are surrounded and bombarded by negativity and you need to come to a place where you get together with positive, like minded people, who all want more out of life, then what they have right now. It is important to work with a team of people, not necessarily just your upline.

3. You must be building a 5 Pillar Company

a) Company Management Experience with Integrity

* Read your policies and procedures.
* Look for the words "termination" and "ongoing"
* Find out, how safe you are, how your downline is protected,
and whether you can ever retire.
* Check reliable websites like for warnings.

b) Timing in the company/Timing in the Industry

* Beware of "ground floor opportuniies" and start-up companies.
* 99% of companies don't last two years.
* Most people don't make money in the first two years, while the
company is dealing with problems. Profit comes AFTER two years.
Join then.

c) Remarkable Product

* Be sure your product is unique.
* The product should sell without a business opportunity attached to it.
* If you can't pay online with a credit card, and if you can only pay by
cash or money order, it is ILLEGAL.

d) Compensation Plan that pays Part-Timers

* 95% of networkers are part-time
* Make sure that people can make a decent income working a few
hours per week.
* Ask the question, "How many people must I have in my business to earn
$10,00.00 per month?
* If a company stresses "Recruit, recruit, recruit" you shoud
Run, Run, Run.
* If you are making only 5%-8% commissions, you are being extremely

e) System for Success

* The company must have a duplicatable system for success.
* People are not duplicatable - systems are.
* If you have to rely on upline doing presentation, this is NOT

4. Duplicatable System

For you to be successful in network marketing, it is vital that you belong to duplicatable system. A system that anyone and everyone can use, just like following a recipe, a step by step system that can be followed by the average person.
A “proven” duplicatable system that allows part-time people to create a significant royality income and full-time people to create an extraordinary royalty income.

5. Be a Student of the Industry

Just like anything else you would want to be , a doctor, or a carpenter, lawyer, you would need to be educated to be successful in that field. Network Marketing is no different, you will need to be educated and taught the skills to be successful in network marketing. That is why 98% are failing today, they are recruited and left to contact friends and family, or go buy leads. They are not taught the skills they need, like how to call leads, how to read compensation plans, to know how many people do you need in your business to make $10,000.00, you wouldn’t go and get a job and not know how much you were going to be paid, but we blindly go into our network marketing businesses, somehow trusting we will get a check.

6. Self-Development - Work on Yourself

You have to work twice as hard on yourself as you do your business. My Mentor, Michael Dlouhy, says that Network Marketing is personal development with a compensation plan. You have to become more to make more. You have to become the person you were meant to be, to attract the people you need to build your business. Most of us have negative programing from our parents, piers in school, coaches, teachers, and even churches, so we have to get plugged into mastermind groups, read personal development books, listen to audios, to change our programming, to learn how to think and not what to think, to believe we deserve success, to believe we are perfect just the way we are to do this business. To belong to team, where the mentor, tells you he will believe in you, till you believe in yourself. Experts tell us to read 10 pages of a good book , or listen to 15 minutes of a audio everyday.

Are you tired of struggling in your Network Marketing business?
Are you frustrated in not getting anywhere in your business?

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