Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Craft your Why....

How to Craft Your why.

Having a Why is crucial your success in
Network Marketing.

Recognize and believe that You have the power
to become anyone you want.

If you are willing to lay out the plan,
plot the course, and work at it, you can
become the person you want to be.

You have been many selves ? each crafted
out of need which became desire ?

You have been a your parents child, a boy scout,a girl
scout, a brother, a sister, boyfriend, girlfriend,
husband, or wife and many others.

Each with slightly different outward personalities
as You grew You adapted to new YOU's

You can craft the YOU that is synchronized with your
hearts desire.

Daily Reflection set aside time each day ?
to craft Your why.

Do not try to accomplish this in one day. Do not
set time limits or pressure to finish.

Begin by reflecting on?..

Where you have been,
Who you have been
Make a list of items that
YOU like about YOU and that
YOU dislike about YOU
Ask your self ? what?s my story ?
How did I get here ?
Know where YOU are today ? Understand why

Take time to meet You
Who are you? Are you the person you thought
You would be when YOU were growing up?
What happened to your dreams?
How do you interpret Your world view ?
What filters do you have in place.
Stop and look at YOU and the world around YOU.
What are your goals?
Where do you want to be in five years?
What do you want in your relationship with your
How?s your relationship with your children?
What have you done to get to know your neighbors?
What hobbies would you like to renew? Or start ?
What makes you happy? So happy you get goosebumps ?
How often do you do things that make you happy?
What are you thankful for?
How often do you say ? I am happy and grateful for
every minute of my life
Learning to ?know yourself? is work, it takes time
and patience

Decide on the end goal for each of three major life
areas, so that YOU can walk Your Talk


Who will you be,
What are your values,
What do you cherish about life,
What is important,
How do you want to be remembered


What type of friend ,son, daughter, Mother, Father,
sister, brother do you want to be.


What Degree of Freedom do YOU desire ?
What will You do with freedom ?

Next step Craft a self talk that is synchronized
with Your why.

To Your Success

Cindy Loewen
612-284-4590 ~anytime~

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