Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Use Twitter to Build Your Business

Are you Hungry for success?
Are you willing to do what others are avoiding. Which means getting the work done to be successful.

Ok lets get started

1. Your Profile is the first impression. If you are not smiling not looking at your audience forget about it.

2. Your website on your profile should be your Blog. If you do not have one I suggest you use FREE Blog Factory for a Modern Look and feel. You can get one at

3, Read at least 10 Blogs a Day and comment on them, this will give you material for what you want to blog about.

4. What does this have to do with Twitter? You have to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing on TWITTER “SELLING”
You don’t want to “SELL”.

You want to be the person with the Blog with valuable info on Your niche, either marketing, network Marketing, keywords,Facebook,Social Media. Pick one. So when you want lots of traffic, make sure you are adding value to yourself and solving PROBLEMS.

5. So everyday pick a subject you are going to write about and solve problems for… “Facebook ” ”linkedin” ”Tweeter” “keywords” just to name a few.

Read 10 Blogs about the Subject you choose, and comment on 10 Blogs about that subject, and then write your own version. Put it all together on your Blog.

6. Now you need to Automate your Direct Message when someone follows you Get a Free Automated twitter Direct Messaging account… If you do not do this just do it by hand. The one I use is Tweetadder it costs $74.00 for 5 accounts and $55 for one account.
Click Here For More Info

7. The #1 way to get Attention on Twitter is with @reply These people are on LINE in the last 18 hours which is very important.

The more people you talk to the more money you make.

You can lead with your product or lead with your help.

Such as @cindyloewen would it be ok if I showed you how to make an extra income?

So you would do this at least 100 times a Day either with a Free ebook or Free tool or training and everyday you would need to check your messages on your home page of Twitter to see what they said.

8. You need a Target Marketed People to do this to, so everyday you need to follow 20 of the top leaders in the industry and Retweet their Stuff. Get some Attention for yourself.

9. Who to @Reply too.

a. Go to your search bar and search for phrases your Targeted Markets are Talking about, for example, you sell a weight loss product search for people who are saying ”I need to lose 10 pound”

b. You put “I need to lose 10 pounds”in Search bar and everyone talking about that will show up.

c. Now you send them a @(their name would be here) would it be ok if I should you how I Lost 50lbs in 3 months?

d. Check your @mentions on your Twitter home page, which is under the what are you up to Bar.

10. Follow back people who follow you. Use your discretion. There are weirdoes. You will get an email saying someone is following you.

11. Make sure you have a Facebook Profile and Fan Page and when you DM them back after they follow you. Say something like

You are cool I love Facebook to get to know people better here is my facebook page

12. Do you have a Capture page? You need to capture names, email addresses or phone numbers, if not , you can get one for free at

13. Let them know that to work with you they need to do some things first like fill out this form with their info so they can stay up to date on all your services.


Cindy Loewen
Skype cindy.loewen07
612-284-4590 ~anytime~


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