Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Tips to Build A Million $$$$ MLM Business

10 Tips to Build A Million Dollar MLM Business

1. Become a Dream Merchant

Capture the vision for other people.
Find out why they got involved in network marketing.
Find their goals and dreams.
It's all about them.
Where these is no dream there is no hope.

2. Build Relationships

Relationships are the life blood of your business.
It's people helping people.
Set the stage for teamwork.
Don't take the spotlight. What's important to them.
Become best friends. Become business partners.

3. Show your new team member how they fit in

People want to belong to something that is bigger than them.
Get them involved in your team trainings.

4. Work the leading edge of the business.

Spend most of your time where the action is.
Don't let the wrong people take up your time.

5. Keep a planning calendar.

Be organized.
Do things in order of importance.
You don't want to book 2 appointments at the same time.

6. Never take negative downline.

Challenges go upline.
Encourage/praises go downline.
Dreams and goals go sideline.

7. Never Stop Sponsoring.

Always do the activity.
Never stop growing.
Always get yourself uncomfortable.
Do the activity - the results will show up.

8. Be growth oriented as well as goal oriented.

Always pay attention to the history of your organization.
Know your business.

9. Be a Leader.

Work on personal development.
Always work on improving you.
Work on on YOU.
Be an example.
Help others become more successful.
Grow into the person you were meant to be.
Don't give orders you are not willing to do yourself.

10. Become the king & queen of recognition.

Publicly praise people for a job well done.
What gets rewarded gets repeated.
Call/Email your team members for job well done.
Teach edification.

Let's go Make it Happen!!!

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