Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why would anyone want to be a Network Marketer?

There are two types of income in the world, linear income and recurring income but only linear income will give you freedom, and let you own your life.

The first type of income is linear income and it continues only as long as you continue the work. It’s when you trade time for money. If you are like most people , you have to work for a living, and if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

If you are a surgeon, you get paid whenever you perform a surgery; don’t perform a surgery, you don’t get paid. If you are a construction, worker, you get paid when you work, you don’t work for the next 12 months, and chances are your employer is not going to pay you. If you drive a bus, you get paid when you drive, you quit driving buses, you quit getting paid. When you stop working, your income stops.
That’s how linear income works. You receive income when you work. When you stop working, the income stops coming.

Recurring income, or you can call it , royalty income, passive or residual income is different. To describe recurring income is that by doing something right just one time, you get paid over and over again for what you did.

Understand the difference between linear and recurring bills?

A linear bill, would be purchasing a stereo system, or television, one payment and it last for several years. Recurring bills are the bills you get every month, like the telephone, mortgage payments , car payments. Would it be okay with you, if you had a recurring income to handle those recurring bills?

For example, Elvis Presley recorded “Love Me Tender” in 1956. Every time it plays on the radio somewhere in the world, Lisa Marie gets a little royalty. Even though Elvis recorded that song over 50 years ago, every month Lisa Marie receives a royalty check from people who play his music. Elvis did it right one time and now Lisa Marie collects every month.

You will learn how you can live like a millionaire before you become a millionaire if you apply what you learn from Mentoring For Free.

Recurring income you do the work once and it keeps coming in month after month. As long as customers keep buying your products you get paid, and you do not have to resell those customers over again each and every month.. What a concept!

To get the millionaire lifestyle, you begin to build your network marketing team, and then commission checks start to show up in your mailbox each month. Then each month those commission checks grow in relation to the total product volume your team is creating and this is that extra income you’ve been looking for. Rather then spend your extra income on the current object of your desire, you take that extra income and start paying off your debt.

Once you become debt free, no mortgage, no car payments, no large credit card balance, and you’re getting a check for $10,000.00 a month, guess what, you can use that recurring income for whatever you want. You can travel, buy a new car, braces for the kids, take your spouse on a wonderful weekend get-a-ways, cruises, buy a new house, buy groceries for someone else, pay someone else’s car payments, whatever you want.

An average part-time person in network marketing can truly have the “Lifestyle of the rich and famous.” It can be done in 2-10 years depending on the effort you apply. You just need to be coachable.

We will teach you all the skills you need to be successful in creating recurring income working from home.

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